Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas Ideal for Any Budget

Posted on by Sam J.

Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas Ideal for Any Budget

If you live in a house or apartment that is desperately in need of an upgrade, there’s a good chance it’s most noticeable in the bathrooms. That’s because a bathroom that hasn’t had any work put into it for decades is bound to look dingy and outdated. But you can give your bathroom a facelift with these ideas involving subway tile. You’ll find it to be affordable and easy to install.

White Subway Tile Combined with Dark Grout

Combinations of black and white are always welcome in modern design, and you can get white subway tile easily as it is one of the most popular varieties for bathrooms. You can use dark grout for contrast to offset the white of the subway tiles that you put in the shower, while at the same time you can do a half-wall of backsplash behind the door. The light and dark will give you visual interest and contrast that would not be present if you stuck to the white tile alone. You can also use glass tile backsplash rather than ceramic for a slightly different visual effect.

A Vintage Shower Head and a Gray Subway Tile Shower

A vintage shower head is a way to lend some class to an otherwise boring shower situation, and you can combine that with a subway shower tile that is gray bordering on tan. You can extend it up to the ceiling, and it will give the whole shower a sleek look that is instantly noticeable whenever someone visits your bathroom for the first time. You might try a showerhead with a gold finish to bring out the neutral tones along with an inset mosaic. Like the tile itself, the shower head is easier to install than you might suspect.

Eclectic or Vintage Styles

Another fun technique is to use a fundamental design element for your bathroom like glass subway tiles for the shower, while you use simple white tiles for the backsplash. Where you add the accents is through the use of vintage or unusual mirrors. You can often come across them at antique stores or through online sites like Etsy. If you get one that is outlined in brass or copper, you get a fun industrial look that is immediately arresting whenever someone enters the room. If you have a rustic vanity or a mismatched mirror, then that’s an area that can certainly be upgraded.

Green Subway Tile

People associate the color green with calm and contentment, and it’s nice to have those feelings when you shower. You can add jade backsplash or try a lighter shade of green like seafoam if you feel that the darker greens are too flashy. Pay attention to the rest of the color scheme in the bathroom as you make your selection. Everything should be complementary. If you have clashing colors, then it’s probably not going to be aesthetically appealing to you even if you don’t know very much about interior design. You can also screw in a rain shower head where the water falls straight down rather than coming out at an angle. It’s a small but noticeable touch that discerning houseguests will appreciate.

Black and White Subway Tiles: The Minimalist Look

You can also get back to basics with white and black subway tiles that have a polished appearance. They’re easy enough to install yourself if you’re doing white on one side of the room and black on the other. Mingling the two colors will present a bit more of a challenge if you’re a novice, but as long as you are meticulous, you should do fine. If you do go for this effect, be sure that your bathroom has some windows to let in natural light. Those black tiles make a strong statement, but you don’t want your bathroom to step over the line from trendy into downright gloomy.

A Neutral Contrasting Inset

One of the things that’s fun to do with backsplash, either in your shower or on one of the walls of your bathroom, is to do a streak of color while you keep the majority of the space neutral with white or gray subway tiles. You can select some colors like intermingled tans and browns to break up the monotony of a white wall. It’s artistic and doesn’t require too much additional effort if you want to apply the tiles yourself. You might decide to do something a little more outlandish and break up the white tiles with blue or green ones.

Variegated Marble Subway Tiles

If you’re going for marble subway tile, variegated colors might be an appealing look for you. These are tiles that feature veining in different colors like gray and gold mingled in the white so that it does not look so uniform. This is a technique that you see in certain subway stations around the world. The use of colored stones at strategic points can make a boring shower thrilling to the eye.

Subway Tile with a Blue Aspect

One last technique that’s fun to use is to redo your whole bathroom so that there’s an entire blue theme going on. You can paint the upper part of the walls in baby blues while the lower half is white backsplash. In between, you can have a few separate rows of backsplash that are a darker shade of blue than you painted the walls.

You can also match up the towels or go with a subtle gray that still matches but adds yet another tone. Keep in mind when you’re trying to add complementary colors that it doesn’t all have to be about the tile or the paint. You can also add accessories to complete the room’s appearance.

There are so many different choices when it comes to bathrooms, subway tile, paint, and backsplash that we would be hard pressed to list them all here. Hopefully, this article has given you a few ideas on which you can build, and for inspiration, you should certainly check out Pinterest for a look at how some people have gotten creative with their bathroom design.