Popular Subway Tile Kitchen Ideas

Posted on by Sam J.

Popular Subway Tile Kitchen Ideas

Part of what’s so fantastic about being a homeowner is that you have a chance to play interior decorator. You can spend years collecting fine art, finding the right paint colors to match your moods, and you can add accessories to every room until it is uniquely your own.

When you enter your living space, it should fill you with joy and contentment, and that certainly applies to the kitchen. With that in mind, let’s talk about some subway tile kitchen ideas that you’re surely going to love.

Kitchen Wall Tile Ideas You’ll Want to Get Behind

One of the things that’s great about kitchen wall tiles is that they are relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and they can completely transform the look and feel of what was once a drab part of the house. You can go from a boring kitchen concept to a completely modern one with the aid of some mastic, backsplash, and a trowel.

Glass Tile Kitchen Backsplash

You can get polished glass tile kitchen backsplash and install it to give your cooking area a burst of color that's sure to draw the eye of everyone who enters the room. Companies that make designs like mosaics in blues and reds should be on your radar because they make a bold statement that’s impossible to ignore.

If your kitchen gets lots of natural light, then the color will pop even more, so be sure to pick a scheme that you’re going to feel comfortable living with for the long term. You can do brilliant blues, polka dots, or geometric shapes. You can even go with black if you desire a more Gothic feel.  

Ceramic Kitchen Tiles

You can also go with ceramic if you want a more solid and darker look than glass for your backsplash. You can go with some choices to give you that mid-century look that is still very much in vogue, or you can go with a dove gray if that matches your furniture. Different shades of green can have a calming effect, or you might want a limestone color scheme.   

Kitchen Wall Tiles that Tell a Story

Because some companies manufacture wall tiles that feature images, you can tell a story right there in your kitchen if that’s an idea that appeals to you. You can interpose sections of solid color with tiles featuring children, animals, or plant life. You might choose to get a nautical theme going, or you might create a jungle motif with your tiles. Feel free to get creative. After all, you’re the designer, and as long as the people with whom you share the house are on board, then you can get as wild with it as you like.

Different Seasons

You might choose to set up a system of backsplash that encompasses the four seasons as you look from one section to the next. You can start with white subway tile to symbolize snow, and you might even find tiles with snowflakes on them. You can then move on to tiles in various shades of green to convey that spring has arrived. This could be the place for some flowering plant tiles.

Next up will come summer with some bold tiles in reds and yellows. You might get some that are reminiscent of fireworks or others that display people picnicking. Last you’ll get to your fall tiles, with autumn colors of burnished gold, orange, and brown. You may be able to locate some tiles with pumpkins or squash on them, or others that feature fallen leaves. This is an ambitious project, but it might be the one that appeals to you.

The Pastoral Tile Scene

You might go with a mural featuring green fields, cows grazing, a high sky full of fluffy white clouds, and children walking down country lanes holding fishing poles. There are kitchen subway tiles that are reminiscent of Norman Rockwell and bygone Americana.

That might be your style, or you might choose to find some tiles that are more reminiscent of other greats, such as Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Rothko, or Lichtenstein. You might be surprised that those sorts of tiles are out there, but they exist. You can use them to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Exotic Countries

Maybe you want to use your kitchen backsplash to create an image of a foreign country that you once visited, or would like to one day. You can use your tiles to take you on a trip to Paris, The City of Lights. Maybe you’d prefer Dublin with some flashy green tiles, or Madrid with some bullfighting backsplash. It should be easy enough to accommodate any of those desires.


Maybe you’d like it to be Christmas year round, with some green-and-red tiles. Perhaps you’d prefer Hanukkah with blue-and-white tiles, or Easter with some light pinks and baby blues. If you have one special holiday that you cherish above all others, you can think of it fondly every time you enter the kitchen.


Since you’re in the kitchen, maybe you’d like some tiles with food on them. It’s a fairly common idea and easy enough to find. Some of the more popular food-based tiles out there feature cornucopias with a distinctly Thanksgiving-looking theme, or you can find ones with bowls of fruit or lavish table settings.

The more different backsplash styles you see, the more ideas you’re likely to get. You can install kitchen backsplash yourself with minimal effort and expense, or if you don’t feel like tackling a DIY project, then you can always hire someone to install the tiles of your choice.

You can do a white subway tile kitchen if your aim is simplicity, or you can make your cooking and eating area the talk of your friend circle with a bold color or design scheme. It’s helpful to look around online and on places like Pinterest to get some ideas, and then you can co-opt or build on them to make them your own. With the many tile options suitable for your kitchen, all things are possible.